Jounée d'études "Engineering Imperial Memories" - Putin's history politics in comparative perspective.

Événement passé

Co-organisé par l'USIAS et l'UR 1340 GEO.

8 avril 2024
9h 18h30
salle 4202 Patio bât. 4

The conference will investigate the use of historical memory by governments and nongovernmental agents and their attempts to fabricate imperial memories to justify far-right populist and authoritarian politics in Russia and beyond. The panelists will examine several critical aspects of the Kremlin’s history politics, including the cult of the powerful state and political neomedievalism — the use of medieval history to legitimize social inequalities and political repressions. We will also discuss the current debates about the “Great Russian Culture,” which is often presented as an essential aspect of the country’s imperial legacy. Furthermore, we will trace the “genealogies” of these propaganda themes to Stalin’s times and discuss how they have been modified in recent decades, including most recently in the context of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

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