Conférence: Politics and languages of isolation: The leprosarium of Spinalonga (1903-1957) as social institution and as lived experience.

Événement passé
23 novembre 2017
18h 19h30
UdS, Patio, s.2308


Maître de conférences, Université d’Égée, Grèce.


The presentation is an attempt to conceptualize how certain politics regarding health and illness promote and eventually establish “islands” of social isolation and cultural exclusion. At the same time, these politics strive to impose –not without evoking resistance or counterreaction– languages of marginalization and devaluation regarding both the ethical and aesthetic qualities of those who lived as inmates on Spinalonga. The presentation forms as well a self-reflection on the epistemological premises, methodological perspective and overall research process that gave rise to certain analytical options and interpretative directions, during the different stages of the overall effort. Besides, the purpose is to put forward Spinalonga’s case as a specific example of reflecting upon scientific knowledge beginning from the micro level, that of everyday life. Another relevant aim is to as well connect leprosy, metaphorically and literally speaking –and relevant issues of social exclusion and isolation– to recent trends occurring in European societies.


Langue de la conférence : anglais

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